Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Road Stripe Shortage could have Texas Drivers Weaving

A stripe paint shortage has the Texas Department of Transportation scrambling to find new sources of paint for roadwork already scheduled. More from KVUE TV in Austin.
Here's the Top Ten Ideas for Striping Texas Highways.
  • #10 Arrest Spray Paint Taggers and put them on the road gang
  • #9 Start a Jobs program for out of work Painters. 
  • #8 Field Trips for Art Students 
  • #7 Now that DVDs have taken over… use old rental video tape. 
  • #6 Junior High Kids with big shoes and to-go mustard packets 
  • #5 Yellow Duct Tape 
  • #4 Specially Trained Seagulls dropping in... Droppings! 
  • #3 Delay openings 'til fall and use yellow and orange leaves 
  • #2 Re-use Crime Scene yellow tape.
  • #1 Forget the stripes and drive crazy like overseas.
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